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Ice Skating Lessons with Coach Katie

Thanks for clicking through to this page to learn more about ice skating lessons for all ages / abilities with me. My goal is to help you fulfill your skating dreams! I have a one-page New Student intake form that I'll want you to fill out so I can learn more about you and your health history, skating history, skating goals and your "why" - Why do you want skating lessons from me? What do you want to gain from these lessons?

There are two types of lessons:

  1. In Person - I'm teaching in Fort Collins, Colorado at EPIC - Edora Pool Ice Center at 1801 Riverside Ave. If you are also here or are willing to come to the area just north of Denver, we can certainly set up a lesson time where we are on the ice together. This is the most traditional lesson in that I can, for example, physically hold your foot and ankle to help you "feel" what position you need to be in for a snowplow stop to work correctly. My lesson rate is $69/hour (ice dance is $75/hour) and you will need to purchase a lesson ticket from the EPIC front desk for however long our lesson is - usually 30 minutes but it can be shorter or longer. You also need to purchase your ice time admission from the EPIC front desk for the session your lesson will be on (ie: public session, freestyle session or fitness session). 
  2. Online (FaceTime, Skype or another online tool) - This option is available to anyone from all over the world. However, realize I only speak English and "un poco" Spanish. This is a popular option for students who ice skate in rinks where there are no coaches or instructors, are looking for a more advanced coach to help them with some things that are difficult or who want a second opinion about some skating technique, program or test. Our time together will be effective and I'll provide detailed corrections to improve your skating skills. If you already have a private lesson coach I will need to communicate with them as this is proper protocol among coaches. I will invite them to join us in the lesson.

´╗┐To ´╗┐discuss lessons for yourself or your child, visit to contact me. Leave me your name, skaters name, phone number and/or email address and I'll reach out to you as soon as I'm available.

Let's get started! Click below to fill out a New Student intake form for Coach Katie.