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Beyond giving skating lessons to all ages and abilities (click here to learn more about ice skating lessons with Coach Katie) I'm also passionate about advertising, marketing, promotions, PR, social media, website design, etc.  

          So let me help you as a fellow coach or your club, rink or team! I'd love to combine my knowledge and enthusiasm for skating with my advertising and marketing background.

Areas of expertise:
  • Social media and online reputation management (including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Google reviews - get you more 5 star ratings!)
  • Website development 
  • Relationship marketing with future, current and former clients / students - great for referrals!
  • Business cards and other marketing materials such as new student and goal forms
  • Virtual assistant - help with billing, email communications, newsletters, blogs, periodization and training schedules, etc.
  • Seminars / camps / tryouts: advertising (online with social media and/or printed materials), registration, fees, schedules, and follow-up questionnaires
  • Fundraising ideas and implementation
  • Does your club / rink need to display their coach's biographies, credentials, and contact information either online or physically at the rink?
  • Do you as a coach or your club / rink / team need a website that includes ice schedules, email marketing, videos, form submission, members only section, etc?
  • Does your club / rink / team need a brochure to give to Learn to Skate students and parents to educate them about who you are and what you do that's fun?
  • Does your rink need banners designed and produced to showcase individual's or team's accomplishments?
  • Do you need a logo designed for your club / rink / team or for your competitions / seminars / camps?
  • Does your club or team need to raise money for travel expenses or new warm-up outfits?

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