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Celebration Time: Passing Senior Tests & Gold Dances


The last United States Figure Skating test that skaters take in any particular discipline is their Senior or Gold test. This is a huge accomplishment that must be marked by a huge dessert! So recent* skaters that I coached through their Gold test - their Senior Moves (also known as Gold Moves) and Gold Dance Test - were treated to dessert at the restaurant of their choice. Passing senior tests needs to be fun after doing all those patterns hundreds of times! A scrumptious dessert is a fun way to celebrate years of hard work, perseverance and determination!

*All senior / gold test passing students of mine who did NOT get a celebration dessert can redeem their dessert at a restaurant of their choice with me during Nationals 2017 in Kansas City. 🙂

Passing Senior Tests
Passing Senior Tests
Passing Senior Tests
Passing Senior Tests
Passing Senior Tests
Passing Senior Tests

Here's a list of skaters skaters passing senior tests:

Congratulations to you all!!! Your accomplishement is a testiment to tenacity, hard work, dedication and a willingness to take constructive criticism. "A dream is a wish your heart makes" said Cinderella. You all made your dream come true by doing things you didn't want to do. But in doing so, you achieved things you wanted to achieve. My wish for you each of you is that you take this sense of achievement and know in your heart you can do anything you put your mind to... because you can

For privacy I've removed the full last names.

Jessica M. - Moves
Shelby G. - Moves
Jordan M. - Moves 
Grace S. - Moves 
Mackenzie O. - Moves
Anna B. - Moves
Jocelyn C. - Moves
Jessica (K.) T. - Moves and Dance
Katie (S.) M. - Moves 
Kelly F. - Moves
Hillary R. - Moves
Jessica Z. - Moves and Dance
Dixie K. - Moves and Dance
Robert "Beau" C. - Dance
Liz C. - Moves

About the Author Katie Holmes

Katie was a US national competitor at 16 and has taught everything from beginners to high-level Moves in the Field and Gold / International Ice Dances for the past 20 years. She can also help novice hockey players improve their skating skills (stopping, quick starts, turns, power). Get detailed corrections and improve your efficiency, power and balance on the ice. Offering lessons in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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