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I'm Katie Holmes, the creator of So glad you are here! 

I'm a skater, a coach, and a huge cheerleader for the sport of figure skating. 

Look around... I hope you find many interesting blog posts and some tools to help you skate your best! 

This big red button shows the private and group lessons I have scheduled.
24 hour cancellation notice is required to avoid being charged for a missed private lesson.

To schedule a private lesson:  [775] 419-5070 text or call or email:  1skatinglesson [at] 

You can change the view of this calendar in the upper right hand corner: week to month to agenda / list view

Public Sessions - anyone can skate
Freestyle Sessions - anyone who has passed Basic 4 can skate
Fitness Sessions - anyone can skate who is 16 years and up

This site is intended to be a resource for skaters, parents, and coaches. Topics are all about figure skating but none are "how to skate". While there are generally proven techniques for learning different elements in skating, in my opinion, teaching someone "how to skate" is best left to a coach who knows more details about the individual skater including their age, health history, their skating history, and their specific skating goals.

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Work hard  •  Dream big!